15 January, 2010

The Demon haunted World!

The Demon Haunted World -That's Carl Sagan's book about the importance of scientific temperament and dissolution of pseudo science and superstitions.

When I was reading the book, I could very well understand the discomfort and agony the author was going through. The agony of seeing his fellow beings immersed in superstitions, blind beliefs, myths and loads of other gullibilities.

Take for example, today's spectacular Annular Solar eclipse. In southern India it was very prominent, Bangalore witnessed an 85% eclipse, which was scintillating enough a natural marvel. Instead of savoring this Once-in-a-millennium experience, hoards of people shut themselves into their houses, without taking in any food or water, performing poojas to their deities, talking trash about the event-Ultimately, missing a spectacular spectacle of the sun, moon and the earth!

It was ridiculous to hear people give their silly reasons for doing the above mentioned personal pranks.

How can people come to have Blind Beliefs? Beliefs aren't meant to be blind;You need to criticize everything before you can start to believe in anything. With so much ignorance about simple and essential things prevalent in the society, it's going to be a long time before we see a majority of sensible people inhabiting the earth!

Converging to the post title,Ignorance is the Demon haunting the world, and the world won't be soon seen free from its shackles.

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