10 January, 2010

VTV-The Audio: Newest sound in Indian Cinema :)

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya- A first time venture of  A R Rahman with director Gautam Menon, and the result is something extraordinary. This is the newest kind of sound I've heard for any Indian origin music! Specifically, the mixing is brilliant for all tracks.

Gautam is always inclined towards strings, and his previous movies used to prominently have electric guitar, whereas in VTV, AR has used lot of cool sound from acoustic guitar and a beautiful orchestra of Violins and Cellos i suppose. The tunes are again-work of a genius.

Track-wise comments:

  1. Omana Penne- A sweet, catchy song with some real nice,mushy lyrics.
  2. Anbil Avan- Starts off like a naadhaswaram-gospel fusion, then the singers take it high and low on a beautiful tune with a sublime naadhaswaram solo...
  3. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya- Karthik at his best singing a tune which keeps ringing in your head, complemented by some simple but exquisite strings
  4. Hosana- This is the song which is going to be played on all music shows. Relatively slow,but a catchy number...
  5. Kannukkul kannai- A teaser, with a cheeky violin piece throughout the song sung by Naresh Iyer.
  6. Mannipaaya- This is my personal favorite with amazing lyrics, and a superb tune which goes the entire vocal range. Shreya Goshal sounds authentically Tamil, and AR does a great job with his part of the song. 
  7. Aaoromale- The surprise track of the album. Lot of heavy strings, rustic male vocals by Alphonse and lyric in Malayalam. The most pleasantly weird song by AR!
Overall, this album will stand the test of time. The movie itself and the picturisation will propel these deeper into the audience.

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