17 January, 2010

My bad Geography and malfunctioning biological GPS!

For those of you who didn't know- I am very bad at remembering places, routes or understanding and visualizing maps ;) School Geography was highly obscure to me, for I could interpret very little about directions, hemispheres, latitudes and longitudes. Maps have been the toughest in the academic syllabi for me.

The hilarious aspect of this syndrome is that, I don't seem to have bettered in it. Spotting local places within Bangalore has become a Herculean task for me. Don't take this as exaggeration, people who've been with me out hunting for places would know it best :)

Hitherto, I had been commuting by buses mainly and used to give no heed to landmarks or roads or maps. Off late, I am having to visit lots of places on my vehicle and it has become tedious for me to get to any point, even after doing my homework to reach the place i.e., using Google maps!

I feel lost in most occasions, and it takes me repeated commutes to get the routes registered in my mind. My friends at FSMK know this, and successfully pull pranks on me out of this syndrome, which I deserve very well :)

I have promised myself to be more attentive while travelling in order to reduce the embarrassment and more importantly not to get lost!

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