12 December, 2009

My Activ(a) propaganda :)

The things we 'own' would definitely acquire our traits(we make them to). And this is what increases the attachment and enhances the proud feeling of Ownership:)

For instance today, I got a couple of stickers for my Activa. The stickers as you see are mnemonics of great Philosophies,and have a heritage of their own. 

The GNU-symbol of freedom(in a very contemporary sense).The mascot of the Free Software Movement worldwide.As I fully endorse this viewpoint,I thought I'll do my small share of Propaganda.

The second image of Che-ubiquitous countercultural symbol and global insignia(from wiki). Personally,this insignia means much more to me-Tribute to a man of  high ideals and his Revolutionary life. As i admire him,I want the world to know it too :)

I have already made quite a few heads turn on the road-I know few must have had some positive compliments and a few others must have thought this to be exaggeration. But,irrespective of who's thinking what about it- 
I did it,because 'I' wanted it!

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