27 December, 2009

From being un'Comfortably numb' to now having 'High Hopes'!

I have never been this happy and free(free as in freedom;))as far as my conscious and intelligent memory remembers. I can see myself in a new position of utmost vantage.

An impeccable incident instigated a tsunamic paradigm shift,which has eroded all the reasons which had held me cribbing over few important issues pertaining to my life. Now, I'm free like the wind,and can also feel the same amount of uncontrollable energy hidden and bubbling within me. My entire focus will now shift on tapping this self-potential and to make the best out of it.

Pure energy emanating from a happy self is the greatest force in the world, and I have plunged into this blissful ocean....

I shall not say anything more in this regard,but,my actions will, in near future.

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