25 December, 2009

Reflecting oneself to an equal counterpart is so gratifying :)

I usually do not expect or seek recognition for myself from everyone I know, because it is of least import to me. At the same time, I am expectant to hear from a few personally trusted sources. The criticism from these sources is what, at the least I give heed to.

And today, I met one such intimate buddy of mine after quite sometime,who, of everyone who knows me-knows me the best. My intricacies, my flaws, my strengths, my complexes- I am very transparent to this particular pal of mine. 

Likewise, I know him in a way better than he knows me. We both respect the mutual criticism and praises. We have frank opinions about each other's growth,both successes and failures pertaining to all facets of our lives.

It is truly gratifying to confess,confide and seek counsel from one such trusted person. Without any hypocrisies or false pretensions,all the intricate nuances of the personality being unwound by a person outside you, but still, who very much resembles you.

Glad to have a friend like this- A dear Doppelganger!


  1. nice :) :) shud be very lucky to hav such frns in front of whom v don hav to think twice being ourselves...



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