14 December, 2009

200 brainstorms as Posts on my Blog :)

Today's post is the 200th on my blog!!! Another small,but proud feat of my own.

 Every post I have written has emanated from me being in a different mindset. These are the verbal manifestations of the various mindsets I've been in,and those which I wanted to share with you people.

Most of the posts have naturally flown out of me with little effort. But,few have been forced out of me by self-compulsion. Nevertheless,each of it nostalgically reminds me of numerous events and emotions attached to them.

My blog is one credible metric to measure the change and growth I have undergone. When I read my older posts,sometimes they startle me with their content.

I enjoy jotting down my- sometimes silly,sometimes complicated and most of the times sensible thoughts as posts,and I hope you people like reading them too.

Thanks for your views,comments and criticism. Signing off for now.

MAVERICK(My netizen ID)
Euphoric about this feat :):):)


  1. numbers are the easiest thing to get obsessed with... congrats on 200...

  2. Agree :)But in this context,just trying to make it an 'occasion' to increase the buzz around :)))

  3. agreed on it... numbers are a good obsession to have... as long as it doesnt consume you completely...

  4. I get the point being made,and even I comply to it :)
    But,it is ironic to see how the world is a function of numbers-in a true sense;Science,Math and Money!
    And I also believe that obsession of any kind which is a threat to the individuality of a person is a peril.

  5. !!..Cheers...!!! Raghav... keep going..
    2(T)OO HUNDREDS....!!!!

  6. Hey congrats buddy :)
    Hoping for more interesting and more informative ones in future too...



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