08 December, 2009

Most of the time at the Vantage point :P

I do not know how many of you have been a part of a crowded discussion,and have had a strong feeling of 'non-belonging' towards it, or have found the discussion extremely trivial with silly facts flying all around with a very inappropriate pride to it! 

I am made to feel so quite often ;)

I interact and discuss a lot with people. But,in situations as described above I am left paralyzed(voluntarily though). I try to be as inert as possible,because I have this tendency of putting forward my points with extra passion,which would successfully offend my counterparts. But,by not persuading an audience which is not ready to listen-I definitely conserve my energy,apart from not losing my patience. 

Off late,I have started to get amused when in such entourage,for,I conveniently see myself at a vantage point of having a mindset better than the average of the audience.I inject a few impulsive points once-a-while,to prick the grey matter of the audience,which, in most cases is dealt with inappropriately. 

Let there be light!!!

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